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Five Techniques Followed by the Certified Emergency Hypnotherapist

Believe it or not, it is possible for the paramedic or trauma doctor, or nurse who is also a certified emergency hypnotherapist to create changes in the functions of the body of an accident victim to reduce the impact of the injuries. Believe it or not, clinical hypnotherapy can help in slowing the person’s heartbeat, reduce pain, calm a panic attack, stop bleeding in a traumatically injured person, and dissipate an adrenaline rush. Wondering how this can be done? Here are the five emergency hypnosis techniques followed by a certified emergency hypnotherapist in Coral Springs, FL:

  • Verbal contract: Before engaging any further, this is the technique used in every interaction and is the first thing that must be done. It means that the subject is verbally agreeing to comply with hypnotherapist suggestions by saying statements like, “I will help you to slip into a calm state of mind so that you feel better. Do you follow?”
  • Distracting the mind: The certified emergency hypnotherapist suggests using guided imagery and visualization techniques to alter the state of mind and increase suggestibility. The purpose is to make the person feel more comfortable and relaxed.
  • Notice the good feelings: This technique involves focusing on parts of the body that have not been injured and finally leading to the one that has been. By guiding the person to respond positively to the contact on the healthy parts of the body, the hypnotherapist establishes a pattern so that when they contact the injured part of the body, the person responds positively to the injured area.
  • Compounding suggestions: The purpose of this technique is to compound a positive direct suggestion with an activity that is taking place. For example, the hypnotherapist might say that each time the person hears the ambulance’s siren, they will feel more relaxed.
  • Feel, Felt, Found: The three Fs are one of the most tried and tested ways to create a bond with the subject that has experienced a traumatic injury. The technique focuses on making the patient feel as if the therapist understands what they are going through. It is critical as it increases the acceptance of their suggestions. It is an accelerated way to build a connection by showing that the hypnotherapist empathizes and understands their experience. The hypnotherapist will use statements like:

    1. It will hurt for a while!
    2. I can imagine how you feel!
    3. I know it must feel awful right now!
    4. I have felt the same before!

The power of the mind is vast, and you need it to work. The state of relaxation also allows the body’s natural healing power to start acting to reduce the trauma’s impact. A certified emergency hypnotherapist in Coral Springs, FL, will use the most effective technique keeping the age, the severity of the trauma, and the patient’s condition in mind. The certified emergency hypnotherapist at Raynor Consulting uses various techniques to tailor a session to a particular client to ensure faster and guaranteed results. Contact us for more details.


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