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Tips to Find Couple Therapist

If you and your partner are caught in the same old arguments, and it feels like you can’t get past them, or you feel misunderstood and resent your partner, or your intimacy levels have been affected, it is the time to seek help from the Therapist Coral Springs FL. Also, in today’s stressful time, when both partners are preoccupied and busy, they begin to drift apart even without noticing.

Couple therapy aims to help you improve your relationship by teaching you how to communicate effectively, understand each other’s interests and shared values, and solve problems together. A therapist can help you and your partner decrease resentment and re-kindle stability, excitement, and intimacy in the relationship.

The key to successful couples therapy is to find the right couple therapist. Some tips for finding a couples therapist who is competent and offers support for transforming your relationship challenges into meaningful bonds:

  • ¬†Find the therapist who specializes in couples therapy: Ensure that the therapist you see is licensed in your state and is trained in the couple therapy approach. You can ask for recommendations from friends if they have had a good experience with their therapist. It is one of the erroneous beliefs that all therapists who offer couples counseling have similar levels of competence and training. The choice of the therapist can significantly impact the trajectory of your relationship.
  • Interview the potential therapist: Contact the shortlisted therapist and don’t be shy to ask questions. Ask questions like:

    1. Have you received formal education and supervised training in couples therapy?
    2. Does your approach have supporting evidence that shows that it works for couples?
    3. What is your success rate with couple therapy?
    4. What is your opinion on divorce, and in what circumstances do you suggest divorce?
    5. Do you have experience working with couples that face challenges like ours?
    6. What payment options do they accept?

    The answers to these questions will help you decide whether to book the first appointment or not.

  • Pick the therapist who relies on an evidence-based approach: there are several approaches used by a couple of therapists to build on your relationship. Few believe that the best method is by figuring out how your family patterns impact your relationship, while others focus on interactions with each other, and few focus on setting boundaries in the relationship. While some therapists only focus on solutions. But research shows that the therapist that focuses on restoring the attachment bonds between two people works best. It means increasing emotional intimacy between the couples to make them feel good about each other. Another proven method preferred by therapists is where couples focus on admiration, positive perspective, and managing conflicts.

To make most of the couples therapy, it is best to communicate your goals to the Therapist in Coral Springs FL, and progress towards achieving them. If you are interested in having a more profound, meaningful, and stronger relationship with your partner, get in touch with Raynor Consulting and schedule your consultation. Contact us for more details.


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