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Why you must opt for Past life regression therapy to overcome Fears

Do you ever feel that you are unreasonably afraid of something? Or at times have a feeling beyond your control, and you feel like you are losing your senses? The reason for the fear might be because of something that happened in your past life. The memory of the experiences of the past life can help you understand the reason for the fear and overcome it. A past life regression therapy service in South Florida can help you connect your past and recover memories from the past life to resolve anxiety in the present life.

The Father of psychology, Sigmund Freud, brought into the limelight about the unconscious to the conscious which was a landmark for the growth of psychoanalysis, which marked the beginning of regression therapy.

How does past life regression therapy work?

At the start of a session, the therapist will attempt to put you into a relaxed, hypnotic state. It is a light, trance-like state where the therapist will get you to focus inwards. While under hypnosis, the patient may be aware that they are in an office or sitting in a chair, but their relaxed and focused state enables them to travel back into their distant memories. Through the patient’s narration and guidance provided by the therapist, emotionally damaging events are recalled. It is a healing process that works on the emotional, physical, and mental levels.

Past life regression therapy is a relaxed meditative state where the person can recall seeing, feeling, or hearing the past lives. It can help you in the following ways:

  1. Reconnect with the experiences of the past life.
  2. Help you understand why you feel connected to specific places and people
  3. Explore unresolved emotions which create beliefs and fears in this life
  4. Gives you a sense of fulfillment

What do patients experience during a session?

Past life regression is a sensory experience. Patients may experience memories in vague flashes or as a vivid movie. Sometimes the patient may have auditory experiences such as hearing gunshots, explosions, or music. Some patients have olfactory experiences where they recall certain smells.

As the patient is unfolding their story, emotions related to the event become unraveled. Depending upon the fear-causing event, the patient may cry, feel despair in their stomach or feel elated. There are physical sensations associated with past life memories as well. As the patient narrates the story, they may experience an increase in heartbeat, sweating, complete relaxation, deep breathing, etc. All of these emotions and sensations are very real for the patient but are momentary.

So, if you believe that your present emotional and mental wellbeing are compromised because of some past life event, look for certified and experienced past life regression therapy services in South Florida. Look for their reviews, and when you meet them, ensure that they are gentle, welcoming and offer you a place to open your deep thoughts and emotions. Also, they should provide complete privacy to give you peace of mind that they will not judge you. Contact us for more details.


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